About Your Care – Types of Chiropractic Care

There are nearly 20 different techniques chiropractors use. Here at Allied Spine and Sports Chiropractic we use scientific researched techniques to deliver the safe, quality healthcare you deserve.

The number of treatments required to effectively help a patient is very dependent on the injury and the individual. There are many factors that may influence a person’s recovery. For example, the individual’s healthcare goals, overall health status, severity of the injury, how long the problem has been present, fulfillment of home/office therapies, and the number of prior injuries the patient has encountered.

Some patients simply seek relief from their immediate pain and may require only a few treatments, whereas others prefer to experience optimum health and performance which require more intensive and comprehensive care. The decision is always up to the patient.

Some people make chiropractic adjustments part of their routine health maintenance. They elect to do this because there is evidence that shows that by keeping the nervous system and muscular system working correctly, chances to get injured or sick are greatly reduced.

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