Active Release Technique


ART is a “hands on” soft tissue management system. It is the manipulation of soft-tissue (muscles, ligaments, fascia, tendons and nerves) through the use of the credentialed practitioner’s hands. We will use his hands to create tension and motion on the affected tissues to produce movement in the soft tissue. The patient may also be asked to move their body part while the treatment is rendered.

ART treatment guidelines based on the scientific evidence that soft tissues develop adhesions and scar tissue after injury. ART has been found to be a critical component of athletic performance and rehabilitation to many of today’s top athletes. Large and small companies have also utilized this technique to decrease injuries of their workforce.

The presence of an adhesion after an injury weakens the soft tissues and causes them to be susceptible to future re-injury.

This is a post-doctoral certification and credentialed ART® Practitioners have been extensively trained to locate and treat these types of injuries. To be successful, the treatment must be performed by a credentialed ART Doctor.

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