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We are here to listen and help you no matter your age or lifestyle. Whether it’s low back pain, sports injury, neck pain or soft tissue injury we know how to treat effectively and efficiently. We’re committed to our patients and pride ourselves on making all of our chiropractic treatments thorough and therapeutic to get the fastest results for you.

We welcome patients of all ages at Allied Spine and Sports Chiropractic. Our team has treated infants from days old to our oldest patient who is currently in their 90’s.

Our Promise

We promise to work with you, your healthcare team and your personal support team every visit to achieve your goal of returning to the best health you can, as quickly as possible without further injury. Dr. Barrett Parker, Dr. Timothy Daughton, and Dr. Mathew DiMond of Allied Spine and Sports Chiropractic in Syracuse, New York, provide treatment and serve as primary spine providers for patients with symptoms such as neck pain, back pain, or sports injuries.

Techniques and Procedures

The treatment techniques that we select are tailored to the needs of each patient. Our treatment protocols are based upon valid, reliable research and scientific literature. Please read our service descriptions for more specific informatinon. Because of the volume of medical information and changes in procedural options we are continually updating our own treatment protocols. All treatments are specific to the individual’s condition(s) and goals.

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