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Activator Methods


The activator technique is an research-based chiropractic specific method of spinal manipulation. It is an instrument assisted adjustment and it is considered a low-force technique due to the limited amplitude of the instrument. It was developed by Arlan Fuhr and is now the second largest utilized technique in the profession. The technique is performed by the chiropractor testing out a series of muscle movements on the patient while watching several cues including the patient's leg length. The doctor may also perform isolation tests of the joint by statically palpating the area.

The instrument is a small handheld spring-loaded instrument which delivers a small impulse to the spine or the joint to be affected. It is effective through the activation of the joint's nerve endings producing a similar neurologic stimulation to that of a traditional diversified adjustment. This method of manipulation may be used in instances where the doctor feels a contraindication may be present for traditional care.


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  • ""I have been seeing Dr. Parker for several years. Four years ago I moved to Baltimore for college. Since then I've been to another chiropractor and was unsatisfied. Now, every time I come home I see Dr. Parker. He is able to do more healing in 2 visits than the other could do with 15! I would strongly recommend Dr. Parker."

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  • ""For decades I have endured back, neck and hip pain. Over these many years I have been to see numerous chiropractors, and other specialists, in search of pain relief and increased mobility. Dr. Parker has been extremely helpful in this pursuit. He provides gentle manipulation and works with me to explore and find the best outcomes. Dr. Parker has been my chiropractor for several years now. He truly understands my individual issues, and continues to have my complete trust and confidence. "

    - TLH
  • ""Dr. Parker was introduced to me by my friend when I came with her to an appointment. In the waiting room he noticed my hand was twitching. He examined me and told me about my condition. He managed my pain and got me better. I was back to my activities and feeling better than before I met him. Thanks Dr. Parker! I have told many friends about him and they have been happy as well."

    - Helen B - Retired

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