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Welcome to our office. Dr. Barrett Parker, Dr. Timothy Daughton, at Allied Spine and Sports Chiropractic strive to create relationships with physicians, nurses, physician assistants and staff to benefit our patients with a patient centered approach to reduce pain. Allied Spine and Sports Chiropractic have worked as multidisciplinary chiropractors for several years and is always continuing to build relationships and educate their colleagues within the allopathic community.

Chiropractic care continues to be integrated within many hospitals, outpatient centers, VAs and Department of Defense centers. It is widely used within all professional sports, as well as, corporate health and wellness clinics to lower injury rates and improve company's morale and profit. It's conservative approach fits well within many medical algorithms being able to co-treat with pre and post-op Spine care, Pain-management, Rehabilitation, Family Medicine, Obstetrics-Gynecology, Gastro-Enterology. A chiropractor's main therapy-Spinal manipulation has been shown in countless studies to be effective in reducing pain, time and medical costs. Allied Spine and Sports Chiropractic shares a passion to help others get well and stay educated on up-to-date treatment options for their patients. If you or your clinic is interested in learning more about chiropractic and how we can work together to benefit our patients please call the office to speak to our staff for availability.

Below are forms outlining options for our presentations. Each presentation can be tailored to fit the clinic's need for information.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""I have been seeing Dr. Parker for several years. Four years ago I moved to Baltimore for college. Since then I've been to another chiropractor and was unsatisfied. Now, every time I come home I see Dr. Parker. He is able to do more healing in 2 visits than the other could do with 15! I would strongly recommend Dr. Parker."

    - Ben P. - College Graduate
  • ""For decades I have endured back, neck and hip pain. Over these many years I have been to see numerous chiropractors, and other specialists, in search of pain relief and increased mobility. Dr. Parker has been extremely helpful in this pursuit. He provides gentle manipulation and works with me to explore and find the best outcomes. Dr. Parker has been my chiropractor for several years now. He truly understands my individual issues, and continues to have my complete trust and confidence. "

    - TLH
  • ""Dr. Parker was introduced to me by my friend when I came with her to an appointment. In the waiting room he noticed my hand was twitching. He examined me and told me about my condition. He managed my pain and got me better. I was back to my activities and feeling better than before I met him. Thanks Dr. Parker! I have told many friends about him and they have been happy as well."

    - Helen B - Retired

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